• Waiting to see if I or Cousin Steph win the PW Weekend (we're taking each other if one of us wins)
  • Waiting on Ellie to stop this bad little phase she's going through
  • Waiting to stop this whole cry-at-the-crop-of-a-hat phase that I've been going through (I've always been sensitive, but COME ON)
  • Waiting for February 6, when I get to celebrate my birthday and meet my fam in StL where we will shop and eat, and I will pass off things that need to go into storage before we move
  • Waiting on God to show me how I can most effectively encourage and minister to other young women this semester
  • Waiting on answers from graduate schools and law schools
  • Waiting to see where we will be in just over six months
  • Waiting on answers to long-term prayers for our family
  • Waiting on God to give us our first child (I think it's going to be a while)
  • Waiting to see where that child will come from (My womb? Someone else's? This week, I wondered about Haiti... we're wide open!)
I'm no good at waiting. I'm an only child, for Pete's sake!

It's particularly hard to wait when I see so many in need right now. I want to help them right now. I want to grab one of those babies and hold them and rock them and teach them about a mom and dad and a God who love them right now.

I'm trusting in God's sovereignty that now is not our time for babies. Those babies are out there, though. Maybe our babies are out there. So since I can't bring them home with me right now, I'll pray for them fiercely, and I'll wait.


cdt said...

I am feeling the EXACT same thing right now. Daniel and I have done a ton of talking these last few days. And I feel like we are in a total waiting mode too. It is so hard. I want to honor and respect my husband's leadership of us, obey the Lord, and yet there is such a yearning. When I was single I was waiting for a husband. Now that I am married I am waiting on a child. And when I have a child I am sure God will provide another desire for me to wait on.

Anways, your post totally resonated with all that I have been feeling these last few days. Thanks for posting it. Praying for you!


Jim said...

Waiting is one of the most difficult things God asks us to do. I feel for all the things you are waiting for right now. But, I am glad you are learning to wait and trust in our Sovereign God. As always I remember you and Kyle when I pray.
I need no letter of introduction......