Garnet for January

I just love the color of garnet. If I'd been born closer to my due date, it would have been my birthstone. It's not that I dislike amethyst, but who can deny the beauty of garnet? I even love the name of it... garnet. It's just so... so. I love it so much that instead of getting amethyst in my class ring in high school, I got garnet. It was beautiful. I'd still wear that ring if it wasn't, like, totally uncool to wear your high school ring at the age of 24.

Today's Etsy Finds email sent me over the moon for garnet. I think I'd like one of just about everything featured in the email.

One of these:

One of these:

A pair of these:

And a pair of these:

I guess I'll just go put my class ring on and wear it around the house. Maybe I'll turn on some Nelly, do a little dance, and think about old times.


cdt said...

Hi Chelsea!

Two things:

1. When were you born? My birthday is February 5! I was not born on my due date either. But my due date was late March. So I don't even know what my birthstone would have been. I always wanted the emerald, but obviously my birthday is way off.

2. Confession: I listened to Nelly in college and would totally dance with you. I actually saw him in concert once (but this was pre-conversion). Not sure I would do that again. :)

I love reading your blog! Have a great day! I usually laugh out loud every time I read.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful inspiration post! I think tomorrow I may have to wear something garnet-colored :-)

Chelsea Bass said...

Courtney- My birthday is February 8! So close, we are. And thanks for the encouragement!

Katie- I bet you could knit those arm warmers!