Happy Holidays!

Okay, so I'm just a little behind on wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, but we've been super busy in the Bass household. I promise. I wanted to do a cute little re-cap of our whole year, but honestly, I just ran out of steam.

Yes, it's January 4th and I'm already out of steam. Instead of a full-year recap, I'll just give you the holiday recap, okay? Okay.

We began our first Christmas celebration with the Basses in Anna. This was just the immediate family, Mama Bass, Papa Bass, and brudders. Mama Bass got tickets to see George Straight. She squealed and had to fan herself. It was the perfect gift.

"You didn't!"

The next day we drove to Chicago, in a van, with my friends. Oh, no, wait. That wasn't me. I drove in a car, with my Kyle and my very cranky, drugged-up kitty. After we passed Champaign, we started seeing snow on the ground. The roads we just fine, but all the trees were covered in ice.


Christmas Day was mostly uneventful. There was an extended family get-together, and I met new people. We ate. We napped. It snowed softly. It was perfect.

Sleepy Christmas

The next day, my future sister-in-law, Hope, arrived from Virginia. The whole family went to see Sherlock Holmes. It was entertaining. Jude Law had a mustache. It's the only mustache I've ever liked.

Too precious

We returned home to Southern Illinois and spent the next couple days gallivanting with Keith, Kent, and Hope. We all went to Cape Girardeau for a day to meet up with our old friends, Vernon and Allison. I took many pictures to commemorate this. I also took many pictures of Kent and Hope to commemorate their engagement. You can see them here. (Disclaimer: I'm still not very good at this photography thing, but I appreciate it when people let me practice.)

This is Vernon and Allison. They are adorable, and so in love.

Vernon and Allison

This is Kent and Hope. They are adorable, and so in love.

Kent and Hope

This is Keith and Kyle. They are adorable, and so in love with their women, too. Sadly, Keith's lady, Loni, was not there, and I, of course, was behind the camera.

Brotherly love

These guys have all been friends for a long time now.

Brothers in Christ, and for real

There's something about this picture that melts my heart. I think it's the smile on Kyle's face. It could be his hair, though. Oh, that hair. It's real life McDreamy.

Sweet face. Sexy hair.

The joy for Kent and Hope was uncontainable. I begged them to let me take their pictures. They obliged. They laid it on thick. They didn't have to try. Their love is intense.


We planned to spend New Year's Day with friends eating brisket, but it had to be pushed back a day because someone (ehem, I did it) forgot to read the whole recipe about marinating the brisket for at least 24 hours before cooking. So, we celebrated New Year's on the 2nd. The year was still new, and the food was amazing. More on that later.

Hope you had a very happy holiday.

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