20 Words My Spellchecker Doesn't Like

  1. Pinna
  2. Concha
  3. Intertragal
  4. Cerumen
  5. Osseocartilaginous
  6. Temporomandibular
  7. Otalgia
  8. Epitympanic
  9. Myringoincudostapediapexy
  10. Contralateral
  11. Nasopharynx
  12. Propriceptive
  13. Electronystagmography
  14. Otoconia
  15. Scala vestibuli
  16. Tectorial
  17. Tonotopic
  18. Stereocilia
  19. Innervation
  20. Otoacoustic
I like them, though. What professional jargon do you like?

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Judy Smith said...

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