Thankful for my pastor

Phil Nelson has been called many things. Some would say he's radical. Others may call him crazy. Why would people say those things about him, you ask? Because he upholds the Bible as true from cover to cover.
He spent years as an open-air apologist, traveling to college campuses all over the state of Illinois, proclaiming the truth of God's word, defending the faith, and engaging students with the gospel of Christ. For the last two years he has taken the role of pastor of Lakeland Baptist Church. Because of him, Lakeland has become a church where membership is not easy.
When he began teaching at Lakeland he decided to start in Genesis and work through the entire Bible from front to back. Many people did not expect him to stick with this plan. Who preaches for extended periods of time from the Old Testament these days? It wears on people who do not want to be constantly reminded of their own depravity by the repeated failures of the Israelites. Nonetheless, he preaches it faithfully.
This week he will preach on Deuteronomy 15. Those of us who are still sitting under his teaching are blessed. Phil opened my eyes to the beauty and richness of God's plan spoken through the entire Old Testament. He knows and loves God's word so much that his excitement overflows and stirs me to love it more too.
I am blessed to call him my pastor.

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aliosh said...

Amen sister! I have been blessed and stretched by God through Pastor Phil's preaching too.