Making Your Husband a Priority

This was a timely devotional today from Nancy Leigh DeMoss at Revive our Hearts. Please listen or read the whole program. I've linked to it below.

It’s a challenge to keep up with all the needs in a busy household. As you’re deciding what to tackle, who becomes a higher priority—your kids, or your husband? The Bible speaks to that question.
  • I wish young women knew how to reverence and adore their husbands, to protect their reputations, and to affirm them in public. Men blossom when you do that.
  • If you are a married woman, loving your husband is the number-one way that you demonstrate your commitment to sound doctrine.
  • Loving your husband means enjoying him. It means being his friend, taking pleasure in him
Read or Listen to the full "Make Your Husband a Priority"

Of course, this video from Fiddler on the Roof makes much more sense after listening to the message, but a classic nonetheless.

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Ben said...

I like to be loved and respected and occasionally adored and affirmed. But I think if I felt like my wife revered me, I found find that extremely creepy.