A Night On the Town

Kyle and I attended the Poshard Family Foundation Charity Auction and Dinner. It was a nice evening. The best part was getting all dressed up with my man! They raised a lot of money for abused women and children. That was okay too.
Although, while we were sitting there listening to numerous speakers, it occurred to me that even though this was a very honorable cause, it was merely a filthy rag in the sight of God. It was a work done for the glory and feel-goodery of men, not for Christ. When our days on this earth are over, only what is done for the glory of Christ will stand.
A few photos for your viewing pleasure...

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Shannon Anderson said...

A. You look BEAUTIFUL!
B. I know don't you hate that?! I hate it when people talk about all the "good" Angelina Jolie and the like does... but it is not in the name of the Lord... so doesn't that mean it's all in vain, only helping themselves feel good?