Meet Jim and Pam

These are our new pets, Jim and Pam. They are best friends. We picked them out because they were vibrant, hardy, active fish. They're so active, in fact, that I could barely snap a picture of them.
When we watched them in the tank at the store, these two always stuck together. Pam (the smaller, brighter, one) is a faster, more active swimmer. She moves up and down, all over the place! Jim is a little slower and more calm, but still very active. He likes to swim right up to the place where the water pours out of the filter and swim into the currant.
Hopefully we can give them a couple more friends over the next few weeks, but you aren't supposed to start with too many at one time. I think it will keep us entertained for now. There is something soothing about watching them swim. These fish need to hold us over for the next couple years until we can get the dog we really want!

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Alisha said...

I once had a fish whose belly exploded...