The Place to Be!

In case you didn't already know, the Carbondale Farmer's Market is THE place to be on Saturday mornings. It is a great place to get the local flavor (figuratively, and literally). I often run into people I know. The first time I went, I felt an instant sense of community.

You can get tons of fresh fruits (it's currently the hight of peach season in Southern Illinois), vegetables, flowers, and baked goods. There are usually a few arts and crafts booths as well. Today I saw jewelry, pottery, and wood crafts like homemade birdhouses and a porch swing. I also saw a lady selling homemade, organic dog treats.

In addition to the Farmer's Market, another great place to be on Saturday mornings is Lipe's market. The Lipe orchards are lovely. I dearly love to go on days when Mrs. Lipe is working. She's probably old enough to be my great-grandmother, and she's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met. Just the sight of her makes me smile. I had the pleasure of buying a loaf of her homemade zucchini bread today. Every fall I get my mums from there. It's the best place in town!

All of this is best topped off with a little drive down Boskydell Road. It's a nice, scenic drive. I love the sight of the "Little White Church in the Dell," that is, Boskydell Baptist Church. The rolling hills and sunshine are just what I need sometimes to relax. If you follow the road all the way, you'll end up on Giant City Road. Kyle and I will sometimes make a big loop down through the State Park to add to the scenery, go through Makanda, and make our way back up US-51. If you're in Southern Illinois, and you're up for a scenic drive, I highly recommend this one!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

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Chase Abner said...

I was there this morning. And not just there, but there by bicycle. I've finally started doing some pedal commuting.

I got corn, yellow squash, green tomatoes, new potatoes and some delicious peaches from Flamm Orchards.