MySpace vs. Facebook

I love Facebook. If you are my friend, you probably already know this. So, this post is probably skewed and biased. I use MySpace simply because some of the people on there don't have Facebook, and I want to keep in touch with them. Ever since I've been on MySpace, I've noticed a trend. Not only are the ads on MySpace more raunchy than on Facebook (not to say that Facebook ads are wholesome), but the way people seem to "behave" on MySpace is much different. People say things and put pictures up on MySpace that they don't put up on Facebook. They post bulletins with dirty titles. You're nuch more likely to see the half-naked mirror-picture of someone.

On the other hand, because it is more raw, people seem to be more honest. They admit when they're on there because they're lonely or bored. You see their true emotions, and their true behaviors. I am left with few doubts about someone's nature and character after spending a few minutes looking at his or her profile or bulletins on MySpace. Perhaps I am judgmental and jump to conclusions too quickly.

Overall, MySpace feels much darker to me. I am often disturbed by the images I see there and the things I read. I have not yet determined a reason for this darkness. Maybe it has something to do with MySpace lending itself to be a little more expressive.

Perhaps this is only my experience. Tell me, those of you who use both, have you experienced the dual personalities of other people who use both? Do you agree that, in general, people behave differently on MySpace than on Facebook?


Joy said...

I see where you are coming from. Myspace leaves room for individuality by design...maybe this freedom prompts users to feel that they can do whatever they want??? More than Facebook, at least?

Also, simply from a designers perspective, Myspace is an awful and utter disaster. It is far past out of control.

Alisha said...

I think people post just as many bad pictures up on facebook as myspace. Myspace is more annoying, but facebook seems to be heading down that route with all the applications. Instead of posting raunchy bulletins like on myspace, you're invited to join raunchy applications on facebook.

Jamie said...

Interesting thoughts.

I can't comment on the differences in-depth, as I registered a MySpace profile years ago, used it once, then pretty much left it to die in the MySpace cesspool; I only recently set up an account Facebook. But as for general impressions, I would agree--MySpace does seem less wholesome, darker, and the visual clutter is really hard on the eyes.