Multiple Choice- Life

We've had some fairly big decisions in front of us lately. After looking at our many options, and many possible solutions, and praying very fervently, this is what we have-

1. Buy a house now, or keep renting?
a. Use what you have saved towards your down payment, buy a small starter home.
b. Keep renting for another year, save more money, and then buy a house.
c. Quit looking all-together until you are completely done with school, and continue to save.

2. Since it is the desire of both of us that I be a homemaker (or perhaps working part-time), should I continue in my selected area of study, or switch to a program where I could finish in a shorter time period?
a. Suck it up, and stay where you are (take note: it is an excruciatingly difficult program (and would require four more years of study before I could practice as a Speech Pathologist),but one that I like at the end of the day).
b. Switch back to your former major of Speech Communication, and be done as soon as possible.
c. Take time off until you figure out what you really want (risk: at my current level of motivation, I may never go back).

There is a third question dealing with Kyle's potential return to graduate school, but he would need to weigh the options for himself. I don't feel comfortable sharing them, since I'm not sure he even knows what he wants.

I think I have mostly resolved these questions in my head, but I still need to keep praying. I could use some prayer from your direction as well! These decisions will need to be made in a somewhat timely manner, as the return of school shall be upon us shortly.

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