There's been an accident in the Bass home.

We hereby lay to rest the eye of our beloved sock monster, Wronky. We noticed he was having some troubles with his right eye (the one on your left). We soon found that his eye was popping out of his head. We are still investigating the root of this problem, but it is under control for now.
At 11am this morning, I performed an eye replacement surgery. Wronky was a very good patient, and he is recovering well. I think this even gives him a little more character.


Madly Hatter said...

It's amazing how eye-replacement surgery can be done on an outpatient basis, these days.

Shannon Anderson said...

THANK GOODNESS he got a new eye. Good thing you and Kyle are equal opportunity employers... he might have been out of a job.
a little bug-eyedness never hurt anyone.

amanda weber said...

a medical miracle!