Coming Down the Mountain

We have a mighty, glorious God who knows us and has raised us from the dead so that we could know and enjoy him forever. If you are a Christian, this is true. This morning Mark Warnock spoke from Luke 9:28-43. I thought I was going to Super Summer to instruct and serve. In the process of doing so, I saw the face of the most high God. Now it is time to come down from the mountain and enter the world again.

I am filled with all sorts of new knowledge, a fresh perspective, and an all-around high after spending so much time worshipping God this week. While I cannot begin to describe this experience, I must say that I am challenged by three big things from the preaching of wiser men.
1. My general lack of self-discipline is sin. It isn't just something with which I struggle. It's sin.
2. We have been called to make disciples, and I have not. I am so looking forward to pouring my life into younger women.
3. Nothing is more valuable than knowing the word of God. I am challenged and want to be held accountable for scripture memory.

As I made my way home, I also realized a few things that happened to me this week of which I was not even aware at the time.
1. I spent so much time in God's word and praising him, that I am now craving his presence even more. I want to dwell at his feet.
2. The things of this world do seem strangely dim when you encounter our sovereign Lord. Things on the radio and television sound like junk because they are junk. Counterfeit, if you will. (Thanks for that analogy, Lonnie, as it applies to so many things)
3. God accomplished his purposes through me, even though I didn't want him to do so. Last Friday night, I was begging for God to let me off the hook, but to his glorious praise, he did not. At some point during the training weekend, my attitude towards this experience went from that of obligation to that of great honor and privilege.

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