Yeah, It's Always Better When We're Together

Tomorrow I leave for Super Summer. I won't be back until next Friday. I may or may not be able to blog while I'm there. Honestly, I have some mixed feelings about it. I'm excited to go, and the only thing that's really filling me with dread is that I will miss Kyle.
I just don't feel like I function properly when he's not around. Since we've been married, we've never been apart this long. Maybe it's a stronghold for me. Maybe I shouldn't be so dependent on him. I like to think that, in part, it's because we weren't meant to be apart. God made Eve for Adam so he wouldn't be alone, so he'd have a helper.
Oh, if every bride longed for their groom the way I long for Kyle, the world would be a better place. I pray that Jesus' bride, the Church, would long for him with this much passion and eager anticipation.
Your prayers are highly coveted for this coming week. I want to be able to focus and teach the Gospel effectively. I want to be full of joy for the Lord. I need Jesus to be enough, not just this week, but all the time.

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