Hospital Bag

The pregnancy app on my phone has been telling me for two weeks that I should have a hospital bag packed, but I still haven't done it. I keep reading blog posts like this one where people share what they packed, and then I get super anxious about how disorganized I am.

Honestly, I don't get this whole packing-a-hospital-bag-a-month-in-advance thing. First of all, I still need to use all this stuff and I'm not about to buy duplicates of everything just so it can sit in a bag. Second of all, I don't anticipate needing to rush out the door so suddenly that we won't have time to gather these necessities while I am in early labor.  Third, I am annoyed at the idea of a bag just sitting around my house for who knows how long.  I think it will get in the way and just make me more anxious.

Is it really necessary? Tell me why, because I really don't buy it.


sarah said...

yes. because if your contractions get painful in a hurry, or if your water breaks and things are rushed, you're not going to remember what to take, and you will both end up at the hospital without a toothbrush. i did buy extra toothbrushes and i packed travel toothpaste from a dentist visit. then like a nursing bra you won't need until then anyway, so you could pack that.

you'll need stuff for mj, like cute little sleepers and a coming home outfit, that you will want to have with you. also, her baby book, to get her footprints in at the hospital (they will do that for you).

and a camera should always be charged and ready with a clear or mostly clear memory card, but not necessarily packed in your bag. (i put my camera in the bag every night for a while, though.)

just don't count on having it together to get what you need and also having time to get it. you may have a slow early labor and have plenty of time, or you could wake up at 2am in a puddle. :)

(i hope this didn't have a bossy tone, as it wasn't intended. just from experience, you'll want to be very sure NOT to forget certain things.)

Alisha said...

I agree with Sarah. I'd get an extra toothbrush & toothpaste for you AND Kyle. Coming home outfit for MJ AND you (stuff that fit 4-5 months preggo). Something to sleep in and a change of clothes for Kyle. Maybe even some face wash, moisturizer and a bit of makeup, maybe stuff you could wear but don't wear all the time. Because like Sarah said, things can get painful in a hurry. And if you're in a hurry while in pain, you're likely to forget stuff! (I doubt you'll forget your camera, but definitely keep it charged!) I left my bag in the car most of the time.