Mixer Winner.

No, I did not give away a mixer like PW always does, but I did choose a winner from amongst the many KitchenAid mixers I've been contemplating.  It only took me four months!  Dad gave me the cash at Christmas to pick the one I wanted.

I finally bit the bullet last week and got one.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.  It was a very, very happy day.


It has a 6qt bowl and several different attachments.  It's a dark gray/ pewter-ish color and I love it.

After I looked and looked at all the bright colors online and some in person, I finally decided to just get something more neutral that would keep me happy for the long run.  I was afraid that I'd be tired of one of those bright ones in just a couple years.  No matter my kitchen decor, this one will be A-okay.

I can't wait to do some mixin'!


Courtney said...

She sure is a beauty! A classy addition to your kitchen...what are you going to make first?

Kate said...

That's the one I have! I <3 it sooooooo hard. That mixer can handle freaking ANYTHING, and I love the bowl-lift (rather than head-tilt) action. It's goodness.

Sara said...

Beautiful! I love my Kitchen Aide mixer! Adore it! (Although that still doesn't keep me from entering every single PW Mixer Giveaway - shhhh, don't tell). :)

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

What a beautiful mixer! Someday I'll have the cash and counterspace for one of those.