What day is this?

When one thinks about living in the Midwest, the concept, "diversity," doesn't typically come to mind. If, however, you could have seen the live feed on my facebook page this morning, you might have disagreed. Of course, there was the typical "I hate my life because I'm a student" whining, the "Look at my awesome drunken pics from last night" silliness, and the weekly "TGIF- gimme a beer" anticipation.

Added to this mixture this morning was a sweet, savory blend of "Sittin' in a deer stand/1st shotgun season/Be vewy vewy quiet..." and "OMGGGGG Newwww Moooonnnnn!!! :)))"

These come from, typically, two very different crowds. I love 'em both.

Should make for an interesting weekend as more people get the see New Moon and post their reaction, and more people upload smiling pictures of themselves holding a dead deer. Happy 1st shotgun season/New Moon day to all!