I love my husband.

I was feeling kind of down this evening. Tomorrow is our third anniversary, and I also felt sad about feeling sad on our anniversary. So what did Kyle do to cheer me up? He gave me my anniversary gift early! He did a good job surprising me. He knows I usually hate surprises, and I had no clue this was coming.

As it turns out, he's been planning it for quite some time with help from a few connections he's made through work. This Saturday, he's taking me to the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, where we will see a production of Mary Poppins. We will be sitting in the private Fox Club box seats, which means we have special parking, a special entrance, a meal served before the show, and great seats!

We're hoping to head up early on Saturday and make a day of it. (We'll also be taking Charlie to his new family, which is another reason I was sad...) I'm hoping that this little trip will be the boost I need before school starts, and a wonderful day of celebrating three years of marriage.

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Shannon Anderson said...

YEY!!! I LOVE the Fox. How cool is that!:) Happy anniversary!:)