It Begins

This feels like a good starting point for the next twelve months. Today, Kyle and I purchased study guides for the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), respectively. Today we made the first big step in preparing for admission. It's going to be a long road, and for the next few months, I'll probably be talking about it a lot. I'm just giving you fair warning.
Some people get married and turn their blogs into wedding blogs. Some have babies and turn their blogs into mom blogs. Until about February 1, this will probably be an applying-to-graduate-programs blog. Then it might be a waiting-to-hear-from-graduate-programs blog. Feel free to stop reading. I probably would.
I hope not to be entirely consumed by this process, but I can't foresee what else might consume us in the next year. In fact, with the exception of getting married, I can't think of a bigger life-change in either of our pasts. Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic about the whole process, but everyone I know who has been through this tells me it is a very big deal, very exhausting, very frustrating, and very worthwhile. For Kyle and I to be doing it at the same time is an even bigger deal. If you should think of it, keep us in your prayers. We're nervous. We're apprehensive. We're thrilled.


The Billingsleys said...

Hooray! Way to go Team Bass!

Please say your first choice is Illinois. You know we're moving to C-U later this year, right? ;)

Shannon Anderson said...

WOAH! So excited for you guys!:)

Drew Mitchell said...

And we think its about dang time! This is the best news that I have heard in quite some time! Hooray!

Luann said...

I am very excited for both of you. I know that you will succeed. Illinois, SLU, Wash U..all are closer to me than you are now. There is always UIS. LOL