The Breakdown

We started compiling a list of schools we might be interested in attending based on multiple factors. Some we are very serious about (UIUC), some are kind of a joke (Northwestern), and some are a backup (NIU). Let's just say I don't think we'll be attending Northwestern unless we get some mega scholarships. We know that both of us getting into schools in the same area is a long shot, so wherever that happens, we will be grateful. We'll try not to complain too much if we get stuck in a place like DeKalb for three years.
We're still adding to the list of possibilities and subtracting from the current one. (Do I really want to pay the $100 fee to apply to Northwestern?) We are very open to wherever God might lead us. In fact, it would be kind of fun to go somewhere far away, but we're hoping to incur as little student loan dept as possible, and out-of-state tuition makes that a challenge.

Any suggestions?

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Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

OBVIOUSLY you should attend UIUC. That's a no-brainer. ;-) We would love to have you back in Central Illinois!