New Year, New Projects

It has been wonderful to be home with Kyle for the last few days. I am already looking forward to so many things in 2009. While we've been home, I have been inspired to work on some projects to spruce up our house a bit. I got inspired by Anthropologie, my new favorite store. Over the last couple days, I decided to repaint our stools.

As Kyle says, they're swanky. They add a nice splash of color to our living room and also help to tie the living room and kitchen together.

I also really love the bird stencils I found at Hobby Lobby. As much as we love birds, this is just perfect for our house! Overall, this was a very simple, inexpensive project.

A couple new projects on the horizon include a couple paintings for my living room, and I would really love one of these removable decals for our wall. Oh, what fun!


The Billingsleys said...

Love the stools! Love Anthropologie! Would love for you to paint something for me to hang in my living room . . .


Also, you should buy that decal. It suits you.

Shannon Anderson said...

Anthropologie has changed my life:) I love the stoolS!!!