The best little place you've never heard of...

Well, maybe you've heard of it, but as of two weeks ago, I had not. Coram Deo bookstore is a delightful little place north of Carbondale. You pull up to an old farmhouse remodeled to resemble and English country cottage. As you walk in the door, you'll find wall-to-wall books, beautful woodwork, a warm fire, and big leather chairs that beckon.

Upstairs and down are brimming with thousands of titles, everything from classic literature to reformed theology. Many of the books are collectible items, bound in leather and hand-tipped, with a scent that only old books can have. In the heart of the house there is Scottish and Irish memorabilia, jewelry, sweets, and other handmade crafts. You can enjoy a complimentary cup of Irish coffee or tea and sit by the fire.

The store is owned by a local family, Mark and Jane Akin. Together they have 11 children. They opened the store a few years ago in hopes that it would be a resource for local pastors and lovers of literature. It is a jewel for Southern Illinois. It would be a jewel anywhere, but as it is difficult to find high-quality culture in this area, it is a true blessing to me. I cannot wait to go back and share this with my friends and family.

Kyle, Drew, and I stayed there for over two hours exploring both floors of the house and chatting with the family that owns it. It was a wonderful afternoon and I could have spent even more time there. They are only open on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm, so next time you have a few free hours on a Saturday, I highly recommend that you journey up Reed Station Road and check it out.

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