Così fan tutte anyone?

This coming February, at the Tryon Festival Theatre in the Krannert Center for the Performance Arts, Mozart's opera Così fan tutte will be performed. I am looking forward to it very much. Anyone want to join us?

I do miss KCPA. It is a spectacular place. There's nothing quite like that here in Carbondale. I suspect there's hardly anything like it anywhere. I've had the privilege of performing in the Great Hall when I was in high school. I'm unsure if this statistic still stands, but at the time we were told that the Great Hall was considered the seventh most acoustically perfect room in the world.
Here's to culture in the Midwest!


Chase Abner said...

We saw Andrew Bird in one of the venues of the Krannert Center. The seats were so comfy that I kept falling asleep.

And I'd be interested in some opera action, unless tickets are ridiculously expensive and if Alisha's interested.

Alisha said...

I've read the synopsis but don't understand the giant egg in the picture...