Sunshiny Days

Life has been feeling rather like this lately:

It has been a long while since I've had so much joy, and I realize the danger in it at times.  God has certainly blessed me through many earthly circumstances lately, but I know the joy that comes from our circumstances is fleeting.

While I am soaking up these sunshiny days in my heart, I am also reminding myself that my only lasting joy comes from Christ.  When troubles come again, and they most certainly will, I can look to Him as my ultimate source of happiness and hope.

Here's to the sunshine while it lasts!

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Victoria said...

Chelsea, you did have some rough times....I am glad to see that some great times are coming your way too!

I needed to hear this. So often, I go through life holding my breath just waiting for the next bad thing because I know that nothing lasts. That is, nothing EXCEPT what I have in Christ. In Him I have a joy and a peace that are better than anything else. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement!

Here's to a great weekend!