Happy Halloween!

It wasn't until about three days ago that I finally got into the Halloween spirit. I've been overwhelmed by midterms and the flu, and haven't felt like myself at all.  Finally on Thursday (just two days before our party) it finally kicked in and I started going crazy cleaning and decorating.


Kyle and I still didn't know what we were going to be (usually we know by August!) so we threw out some last-minute ideas and decided to be Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon (played by Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey) from the TV show 30 Rock.


There were tons of great, witty costumes, but I must say that my personal favorite was our friends Jacob and Aileen, who dressed up as us! They were great identity thieves.


Aileen cut her bangs, and Jacob put white in his eyebrow. So funny!


Tomorrow night we will welcome trick-or-treaters dressed as zombies. Should be a great Halloween!

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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love that your friends dressed up as you! That's a cute idea.