Whitaker Music Festival

Kyle and I packed a picnic and headed over to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, just down the street from our house.  We met up with some of my classmates and their men to partake in the free concerts that happen every Wednesday night at the Bo.Gs, as I like to call them.



It was the most beautiful night of the summer, so far.  The temperature was perfect, no humidity, full moon, fireflies galore.  It was a super sweet little picnic with my man and my friends.

Plus, I finally got to use my picnic basket.  We got it as a wedding gift, and after nearly 5 years, we finally got to show it off.  It received many oohs and aaahs.  Thanks to whomever purchased it for us.  I can't remember who you are anymore.  I should've taken a picture, it was so pretty.  Next time! Hopefully not five more years...


If we get more nice weather, I would love to go back and do this again.  It was free and full of happy people and it was awesome to enjoy the beautiful, fragrant gardens.  Oh yeah, and some band played, too, but we couldn't hear them.  It didn't matter.  The company was too good.


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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Fun stuff! I love outside events. I usually end up at the Festival once when the SLU YAA hosts a wine on Wednesday event there.