Strange Dreams

I have strange dreams almost every night. Last night was a doozy! I don't remember the whole plot of this dream, but the bits and pieces I do remember are so strange, that I just had to share them.
  1. I was living in a dorm at a faceless university. I had two roommates just like I used to at Illinois, but I don't know who they were.
  2. Kyle, who was still my husband in the dream, woke up one morning to find that Henri Matisse had sneaked into our room overnight and left a work of art in our window.
  3. I went around the dorm telling everyone what had happened, but know one knew who Matisse was, so no one was excited.
  4. Finally, someone said she already knew about it, and that I was supposed to go downstairs and talk to someone because I was the grand prize winner.
  5. The next thing I remember is walking down the street of a town that looked a lot like Gatlinburg, TN. There was a group of people waiting to tell me that I'd won $1,000 cash and a Carnival cruise.
  6. After that, Kelly Clarkson appeared on the street with her boyfriend (does she really have one?), who looked like Derek Webb, and sang a song to me about locking down my pillow, and appreciating what a good man I have.
  7. I looked over and Kyle was sitting around a table with my cousin, Tyler, my old friend, Amy Miller, and a bunch of unknown faces, *taking shots. Oh, but they weren't just any shots. It was a trivia game. A trivia game in which the prizes were all from Anthropologie. The bartender would show the prize for that round, pour you a shot if you wanted to play, and ask the question. You drink, and then shout out the answer. The first person to answer correctly won. Let's just say Kyle was winning me some pretty sweet loot.
  8. The dream ended and I was awakened shortly after Amy requested they do a round of **peanut butter shots, in which you take a shot of peanut butter.
*To my knowledge, Kyle has never taken a shot, nor taken shots for prizes.
** To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a peanut butter shot.


Shannon Anderson said...

HAHAHA... this seriously made me laugh out loud! I love it! What a strange mind you have.

Cincinnati Speech said...

I tend to have them more when my kids are out of school - like on break - crazy right?