One Quarter

Six years ago this week I began dating the man I now call my husband. I am happy to say that I have now spent 1/4 of my life with him. That feels significant, somehow. Last night we relived those first moments being together, the uncertainty of each others' feelings, the certainty of our own, the excitement in every moment, the newness of it all.

It was fun to look back on those early days. It's almost unbelievable how far we've come since then. I am so grateful for all that is behind us, and all that lies ahead.

For Kyle...
We've aged. We've grown. We've loved more deeply.
We've survived. We've failed. We've learned to live cheaply.
We've vowed. We've kissed. We've spoken words sweetly.
We've laughed. We've wept. We've known Him more completely.
Our love, our life, it happened uniquely.
One quarter, one quarter, gone by so briefly.

Santa Claus, IN Vacation '08

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